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All these photographies were taken over the course of about 3 years, in various rock concerts that took place in the region of Brest (Bretagne/Brittany, France) and more specifically the Tamaris Rock Festival that would eventually morph into the Festival des Vieilles Charrues. Thank you to the event organizers (more specifically Armelle, from the PR team) and the fanzines Psychedelires (Brest, France) & Ritual (Belgium) for giving me the opportunity to shoot these artists!

Ironically I did not even own a camera back in those days so I took these photos using entry-level (film) SLRs that I used to borrow from my brother (a Pentax, equipped with a 70-210mm Sigma - convenient but a bit soft, not very luminous and terribly slow), my father (a Minolta with a fixed 50mm) or even a friend's parents (a Canon - probably the best of the bunch). The average quality of the equipment, compounded by the scanning process on consumer-level equipment results in pictures that are not quite as sharp as I would have liked. Needless to say that I've never had the chance to get familiar with any of these cameras and of course, when you worked with film there was no way to know whether your shots were good until you got to develop the films. Results: several missed shows and opportunities (I came back home more than once with entirely dark rolls of films) and a lot of anxiety in the dark room waiting for the films to reveal! Shooting with film was an expensive process for the student I was so I had to pace myself through the whole events, trying to shoot only when 100% sure, trying to anticipate when the characters would enter the bright spotlights. I typically covered a full festival like Tamaris (full afternoon & evening) with 2 to 3 rolls of 400 ISO ILFORD (pushed to 800 ISO), 36 exposures each, so a total of 108 shots - not a lot by today's standards!

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What happened to kimigo.com?

This gallery used to live on a different website: kimigo.com. Unfortunately my previous hosting company (webhostingpad) silently let my domain expire and the domain subsequently fell in the hands of a domain name parking company. And this is how Ooplaboom was born...

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